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[Mystery/Thriller] ALLYSON K. ABBOTT – A SERIES

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Allyson K. Abbott is a pseudonym used by Beth Amos, author ofthe suspense novels COLD WHITE FURY, EYES OF NIGHT, SECOND SIGHT, NICK OF TIME,and FACE OF DEATH. Beth is also the author of the Mattie Winston mystery serieswritten under the pseudonym Annelise Ryan, which includes WORKING STIFF, SCAREDSTIFF, FROZEN STIFF, LUCKY STIFF, and BOARD STIFF.

Beth lives in Wisconsin, where she changes identities nearlyevery day

Mack's Bar Mystery series
1. Murder on the Rocks (2013)

Mackenzie "Mack" Dalton is aMilwaukee bar owner with a nose for trouble—literally. A neurological glitchhas left her with extra sensory perception. So when she stumbles upon a deadbody in the alley behind the bar—the same spot where her own father was shoteight months earlier—she can tell right away there's something fishy in theair.
The lead detective thinks there's a linkbetween the two deaths, and he'll need Mack's help to sniff out the murdereramid the crowd of eccentric regulars. But when all the evidence points to her asthe most likely culprit, it could be an early last call for Mack—andcelebratory cocktails for a killer.

2. Murder with a Twist (2014)

The regulars at Mack's Bar love puttingtheir heads together to solve a good mystery. But Mack is learning there's a bigdifference between barroom brain teasers and real-life murder...
Milwaukee bar owner Mackenzie"Mack" Dalton has a unique neurological condition that gives herextra perceptive senses, and police detective Duncan Albright is convincedMack's abilities can be used to help catch crooks. Mack may be a pro at mixingdrinks, but she's still an amateur when it comes to solving crimes—and she'snot sure she should mix business with pleasure by working with a man who stirsup such strong feelings in her.
At her first crime scene—a suspicioussuicide—she experiences a heady cocktail of mixed sensations and emotions thatmake her question whether police work is right for her. But when Duncan asksher to help find a kidnapped child, she knows she has to give it a shot.

3. In the Drink

Mack's Bar and its crime-solving clienteleare quickly gaining notoriety for helping solve some high-profile cases. ButMack is learning the hard way that not all press is good press...
By day, Mackenzie "Mack" Daltonis the proprietress of a popular Milwaukee watering hole. But after last call,she uses her unique cocktail of extra perceptive senses to help solve some ofthe city's most grisly homicides. Now, Mack and her barstool detectives arehappy to help when Tiny, one of the bar's newest patrons, asks them to lookinto his sister's murder. Though the case has gone cold, Mack's heightenedsenses quickly put her on the killer's trail. But when a throng of reportersintrigued by her talents descends on Mack's Bar, her efforts are muddled as areal-life Moriarty begins putting her infamous skills to the test, leaving Mackfeeling shaken and stirred...

4. Shots in the Dark

It's a week before Christmas,but Milwaukee bar owner Mackenzie "Mack" Dalton is hardly in goodspirits. Chilled to the core by the murder of bouncer Gary Gunderson, Mack isdetermined to use her extra perceptive senses to identify the gunmanresponsible. Did Gary's patchy past brew up some fatal trouble, or could hisdeath be linked to a series of cryptic letters concocted by Mack's anonymousadversary? With a second case to crack, innocent lives at stake, and a mediafrenzy in their midst, Mack and her barstool detectives have little time tomull over the grim details--especially when clues lead dangerously close to home. .

5. A Toast to Murder

Mack Dalton has named plentyof murderers since she and her barstool detectives began cracking cold cases.But as a new year looms, time is ticking on the hunt for her craftiest villainyet . . .
As Milwaukee counts down to New Year’s Eve,bar owner Mackenzie “Mack” Dalton has but one resolution—unmask the dangerousmastermind who has been taunting her and killed bouncer Gary Gunderson. Mackand her fellow barflies have fleshed out a suspect and arranged an invite-onlyparty to put a cork in the murderer’s game for good. But when the clock strikesmidnight and their suspect is found cold and stiff in the upstairs lounge, itseems the celebration may have come too soon. Now Mack must rely on her specialtalents to find the real criminal among the crowd of revelers—or someone won’tsurvive until last call .

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As AnneliseRyan

Mattie WinstonMysteries

FrozenStiff (Mattie Winston Mysteries #3)

Death is neverpretty, and deputy coroner Mattie Winston's latest case is no exception. Butthis victim certainly was strikingly beautiful. . .before someone stuck thatknife into her chest.

Mattie knows everyone in the charminglysmall town of Sorenson, Wisconsin, so the deceased is definitely a strangerfrom out of town. If a woman this attractive had moved into town, the newswould have surely hit the gossip mill in record time. So what was the victimdoing here, laid out in this desolate field?

Things only get murkier with the arrival atthe scene of the usually stoic and dependable detective Steven Hurley; one lookat the body and he turns as white as the newly fallen snow. . .and excuseshimself from the case. It turns out the victim was a top investigative reporterfrom Chicago, and Hurley not only knew her. . .they dated a year and a halfago, until she broke it off. While Mattie grapples with her jealousy of agorgeous dead woman, Hurley swears her to secrecy and tells her. . .that knifein his ex's chest is his!

It's a case with more twists than Maddie'sown crazy love life, and it'll take all of her forensic skills to unravel theincreasingly bizarre clues and find the killer. . .before she herself becomesjust another cold case!

Lucky Stiff(Mattie Winston Mysteries #4)

It’s Christmas Day in the sleepy town ofSorenson, Wisconsin, but instead of unwrapping presents, deputy coroner MattieWinston is at the burnt remains of a house, where a charred body has beenfound. The victim is none other than Jack Allen—a paraplegic who recently won ahuge casino jackpot. Upon closer inspection, Mattie and detective Steve Hurleyare convinced Jack was murdered to steal his winnings, giving the phrase BlackJack a whole new meaning…
But as Mattie investigates, even hercutting-edge forensic skills keep coming up short in a case with as many suspectsas twists. After her odds-on-favorite turns up dead, Mattie and Hurley mustrace to find a killer before another victim cashes in his chips.

Board Stiff (Mattie Winston Mysteries#5)

Sorenson, Wisconsin's deputy coroner MattieWinston is back on the job - in a nursing home examining the body of BernieChase, the now former president of the Twilight Home's board of directors, whois covered in a poweder used to turn liquids to solids. The home's residentsare certain Bernie was offing the patients who cost him too much, and thepatient that found him can't remember a thing. Between her ongoing tug of warwith Detective Hurley, fulfilling her job a requirement of seeing a shrink, andwrangling with the Twilight Home's board of directors, Mattie's got her scrubbedhands full. She'll need all of her outside-the-box forensic skills to crack acase that's turning out to be stranger - and more dangerous - than anythingshe's seen before!

Stiff Penalty (Mattie Winston Mysteries#6)

Deputy coroner Mattie Winston knows a thingor two about dead bodies. That's why she's on the case of Derrick Ames, a highschool math teacher stabbed to death with a barbecue fork straight to theheart. Sure, she's turned up some motives and a few suspects, but nothing addsup. Especially when the evidence points to Ames's teenage son. Newly pregnantMattie can't believe it, even as her own long-estranged father may be followingher. But one thing's certain, she'd better start figuring things out fast, or adeadly perpetrator could be subtracting two more victims from the population ofSorenson, Wisconsin.

StiffCompetition (Mattie Winston Mysteries #7)

Every fall,hunting season in Sorenson, Wisconsin, leads to some accidental injuries.Deputy coroner Mattie Winston just hopes the hunters don’t bring any morebusiness to her office. But somebody seems to have declared open season on landdevelopers. One real estate developer who’s recently come to town has beenfound dead in the woods with an arrow through his neck. Now it’s up to Mattieto get to the bottom of the killing. That might be easier if she wasn’t alsohunting for Detective Hurley’s teenage daughter, Emily, who has suddenlydisappeared. With a homicidal William Tell out on the loose, Mattie isdesperate to find Emily before the killer notches another arrow…

Dead in theWater (Mattie Winston Mysteries #8)

Deputy coronerMattie Winston is starting to feel like she’s in way over her head . . .
As the single mom of an energetic toddlerand an investigator working for the medical examiner’s office in small-townSorenson, Wisconsin, Mattie is used to her life being a juggling act. But nowthat she’s moved in with Detective Steve Hurley and his teenaged daughterEmily, and has started planning their wedding, her home life is looking morelike a three-ring circus. And with her boss and friend, Izzy, suddenly having ahealth crisis, she could not be more grateful for the newest staff member inthe ME’s office, Hal Dawson.
All too quickly her gratitude turns toshock when a floating body found trapped against a dam turns out to be Hal, butthe cause of death isn’t drowning—his throat’s been slashed. Hal was supposedto be fishing on his day off with his girlfriend. And when their empty boat isfound in a nearby lake, the whereabouts of the woman becomes an even moreurgent question.
To find out what really happened to hercoworker, Mattie may need to rock the boat. But a killer is just as determinedto keep the truth from ever surfacing, even if that means making Mattie thenext one to go under.

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