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[Others] The Hollow Earth Theory (by some authors)

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If the Earth is hollow, where does all that magma spewing out of all those volcanoes come from? Somebody must have a half-convincing answer to that question, presumably that handful of people who still believe the Earth is an empty shell. The idea seems quite ludicrous now, but in pre-scientific times it at least appeared to make sense: if Heaven was a place in the skies above, where else would Hell be than somewhere deep below our feet?
Harder to understand is why the idea survived several centuries of scientific progress, including the powerful notion of nature’s horror vacui. In a 1692 scientific paper, Edmund Halley – yes, he of comet fame – put forth the idea that Earth consists of a shell about 800 km thick, and of two inner concentric shells and an innermost core with about the same diameter as the planet Mars. Halley did have scientific grounds for his rather bizarre thought-construct. It tried to explain why compass readings could be so anomalous: each of the inner spheres had their own magnetic poles and rotated at differing speeds. To compound his error, Halley proposed that the inner spheres might be inhabited and that the inner atmosphere was made up of luminous gases that, when escaping outward, cause the Aurora borealis.
Later theorists came up with variations to Halley’s model. In the seventeenth century, Leonhard Euler proposed a single-shell hollow Earth with a small sun (1.000 km across) at the centre, providing light and warmth for an inner-Earth civilization. Others proposed two inner suns and even named them: Pluto and Proserpine. In the early eighteenth century, American John Cleves Symmes Jr. supplemented the theory with the suggestion of ‘blowholes’: openings about 2.300 km across at both poles. Symes apparently was utterly convinced by his own theories: he campaigned for an expedition to the North Pole. The intervention of President Andrew Jackson was needed – to stop it, that is.
Quite unbelievably, the hollow Earth idea persisted into the twentieth century, when the study of plate tectonics and the like made it obvious that the Earth couldn’t be hollow. Yet hollow Earth books and theories multiplied, many based on Symmes’ work. In 1913, Marshall Gardner wrote “A Journey to the Earth’s Interior” and even built a working model of his hollow Earth – and patented it. More recent theories suggest a hollow Earth inhabited by the creatures that fly UFOs across our skies, or by dwarves, dragons, and/or other ‘lost races’ or ‘ascended masters’ of esoteric wisdom. Some proposed new ‘blowholes’ are located in Mount Shasta (California), Mammoth Cave (Kentucky), the Mato Grosso (Brazil), Mount Epomeo (Italy), and the pyramid of Giza (Egypt).
The pulp science fiction magazine Amazing Stories ran with a fantastic tale called the Shaver Mystery from 1945 to 1949. It entailed a series of supposedly factual stories by Richard Sharpe Shaver, claiming a superior prehistoric race had built subterranean caves, now inhabited by the ‘Dero’, their degenerate descendants. These ‘Dero’ use the advanced machinery inherited from their superior forefathers to torment us on the surface of the planet.
The hollow Earth theory was quite popular in twentieth-century Germany; it’s even claimed that Adolf Hitler gave the Hohlweltlehre credence in so far as that he ordered an expedition to spy on the British fleet by aiming cameras at the sky – a claim without historical proof, however. An even crazier theory holds that Hitler and other top Nazis escaped the Allies by fleeing to the inner Earth via an entrance in Antarctica. The hollow Earth theory has a particularly strong hold on the imagination of writers such as E.A. Poe, Jules Verne, E.R. Burroughs, H.P. Lovecraft, and Umberto Eco, who have all used the idea in their fiction. A sub-genre postulating a hollow Moon seems to have died out after the 1969 moon landing.
In some hollow Earth theories, there is a city or civilization at the core of the Earth called Agartha (sometimes spelled Agartta, Agharti, or Agarttha). This seems to derive from Aryavartha, which to the Hindus is the place of origin of the Vedas. An alternative name for this city is Shamballa (or Shambalah), which is Sanskrit for ‘place of peace.’ Chinese, Russian, and Kirgiz folklore all have their own names for a similar place. Sometimes, both names are used simultaneously, with Agartha designating the whole interior and Shamballa the main city. Despite its age, the name of Agartha pops up in relatively recent popular culture, indicating that it was popularized probably only in the twentieth century. ‘Agartha’ is also the name of a Miles Davis album, a song by Afrika Bambaataa, and is mentioned in Umberto Eco’s book “Foucault’s Pendulum.”
“Inside the Hollow Earth” by Frank Jacobs

A Journey to the Earth's Interior - Marschall B.Gardner            
Agartha-The Earth’s Inner World - Mariana Stjerna        
History Of Nazi Occultism - Thule                        
Hollow Earth - David Standish                           
Journey Beyond The Poles - Tim R. Swartz                 
The Hollow Earth - Raymond Bernard                                                
The Hollow Earth Enigma - Alec MacLellan                 
The Kingdom of Agarttha - Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre

A Journey to the Earth's Interior - Marschall B.Gardner   

A New Idea and a plea for its fair hearing.--The trained scientist and the average reader.--Old ideas about the Constitution of the Earth.--Cranky ideas are not in the same class with reasoned and scientific ones.--Where our evidence comes from.--Our theory in a nutshell.-- Observing the planets.--Observing conditions on our own planet, the Earth.--Peary and the polar orifice.--The fact of gravitation and our theory.--Facts which we have gathered together in one volume for the first time in the history of scientific thought.

Agartha-The Earth’s Inner World - Mariana Stjerna  

In Medieval times, people believed the Earth was flat and that the sun rotated around it. The Catholic Church considered it heresy to suggest that the Earth was round and orbited the sun. The astronomer Copernicus was aware of this, and did not dare publish his findings until on his death-bed in 1543.
The next major “disclosure” is revealed in this book. The Earth is hollow and populated by an advanced race, who is planning to come to the aid of people on the surface very soon. Will this concept be accepted by scientists and the religious community? Is this science-fiction, fantasy, or liberation? We can only advise you to read this book, written as a novel, and examine your own heart.
There are those who have already visited Agartha, the world inside the planet, and found society there advanced and flourishing. Admiral Richard E. Byrd, USA (1947) is one of them. He was not given to flights of fancy.
Mariana Stjerna made contact with Timothy Brooke, a Canadian, who appeared to her briefly and then “dictated” this book. He was saved by Agarthans from a shipwreck off the coast of Canada in the mid-20th century, and is now alive and well in Agartha. In this book, he recounts his story and describes life in this five-­dimensional paradise.

History Of Nazi Occultism - The Thule Society    

The Thule Society (German: Thule-Gesellschaft), originally the Studiengruppe für germanisches Altertum 'Study Group for Germanic Antiquity', was a German occultist and Völkisch group in Munich, notable chiefly as the organization that sponsored the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which was later transformed by Adolf Hitler into the Nazi Party. Hitler, however, was never a member of the Thule Society.

The Thule Society was founded August 17, 1918 by Rudolf von Sebottendorff, a German occultist, as the Munich branch of the Germanenorden, a secret society a.k.a. the "Order of Teutons" (1912).
Von Sebottendorff later claimed that he originally intended the Thule Society to be a vehicle for promoting his own occultist theories, but that the Germanenorden pressed him to emphasize political, nationalist and anti-Semitic themes. Since this claim was made while the Nazis were in power and von Sebottendorff had little to gain by denying anti-Semitism, it may well be true.
A primary focus of Thule-Gesellschaft was a claim concerning the origins of the Aryan race. "Thule" was a land located by Greco-Roman geographers in the furthest north. The society was named after "Ultima Thule" — (Latin: most distant North) mentioned by the Roman poet Virgil in his epic poem Aeneid, which was the far northern segment of Thule and is generally understood to mean Scandinavia. Said by Nazi mystics to be the capital of ancient Hyperborea, they placed Ultima Thule in the extreme north near Greenland or Iceland.
The Thulists believed in the hollow earth theory. The Thule Society counted among its goals the desire to prove that the Aryan race came from a lost continent, perhaps Atlantis.
The Thule-Gesellschaft maintained close contacts with followers of Theosophy and the followers of Helena Blavatsky, a famous Occultist during the second part of the 19th century.
Anthroposophical themes were common too, as the motto Der Weg ist in Dir - 'The Way is present in You', expresses. Self-realization and the supreme position of the human person were essential to the Thulists.
The Thule Society attracted about 250 followers in Munich and about 1,500 in greater Bavaria. Its meetings were often held in the still existent Munich luxury hotel Vier Jahreszeiten ("The Four Seasons").
The followers of the Thule Society were, by von Sebottendorff's own admission, little interested in his occultist theories. They were more interested in racism and combating Jews and Communists. They are also said to have planned to kidnap the Socialist prime minister Kurt Eisner. After the establishment of the Munich Soviet Republic, they were accused of trying to infiltrate its government and of having attempted a coup on April 30, 1919. During this attempt, the Soviet government took several members of the Thule Society hostage, and later executed them.
After Hitler came to power, the Thule Society was one of many organizations suppressed. When von Sebottendorff returned to Germany and published a book about the Thule Society, Bevor Hitler kam, he was arrested and the book prohibited.
Nonetheless, it has been argued that some Thule members and their ideas were incorporated into the Third Reich. {The Occult and the Third Reich, Jean Michel Angeburt, Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc. 1974, p. 9} Some of the Thule Society's teachings were expressed in the books of Alfred Rosenberg. Also, many of the occult ideas found favour with Heinrich Himmler who, like Hitler, had a great interest in mysticism.
Thule Society revived
A revived Thule Society is rumored to have met during the time of the Wagner festival in Bayreuth in 1966. Among the participants was an American exchange student, Gene A. Statler, a distant relative of Gauleiter Hans-Arnold Stadler. Statler's account of that meeting is contained in unpublished diaries which later became the property of magazine editor Raymond Palmer.
Conspiracy Theories
Like the Ahnenerbe section of the SS, and due to its occult background, the Thule Society has become the center of many conspiracy theories concerning Nazi Germany. Such theories include the creation of spacecraft and secret weapons. Because the group helped Hitler with his speaking skills, some have even suggested that the society somehow granted him magic powers that contributed to his later success.
It is also claimed that Thule-Gesellschaft possessed a psychic named Maria Orsic, who convinced them that the Aryan race did not originate on the Earth, but came from Aldebaran in Taurus — some sixty-five light years away.

Hollow Earth - David Standish   

Beliefs in mysterious underworlds are as old as humanity. But the idea that the earth has a hollow interior was first proposed as a scientific theory in 1691 by Sir Edmond Halley (of comet fame), who also suggested that there might be life down there as well. Hollow Earth traces the many surprising, marvelous, and just plain weird permutations his ideas have taken over the centuries. Both Edgar Allan Poe and (more famously) Jules Verne picked up the torch in the nineteenth century, the latter with his science fiction epic A Journey to the Center of the Earth. The notion of a hollow earth even inspired a religion at the turn of the twentieth century-Koreshanity, which held not only that the earth was hollow, but also that we're all living on the inside. Utopian novels and adventures abounded at this same time, including L. Frank Baum's hollow earth addition to the Oz series and Edgar Rice Burroughs's Pellucidar books chronicling a stone-age hollow earth. In the 1940s an enterprising science-fiction magazine editor convinced people that the true origins of flying saucers lay within the hollow earth, relics of an advanced alien civilization. And there are still devout hollow earthers today, some of whom claim there is a New Age utopia lurking beneath the earth's surface, with at least one entrance near Mt. Shasta in California. Hollow Earth travels through centuries and cultures, exploring how each era's relationship to the idea of a hollow earth mirrored its hopes, fears, and values. Illustrated with everything from seventeenth-century maps to 1950s pulp art to movie posters and more, Hollow Earth is for anyone interested in the history of strange ideas that just won't go away.

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Journey Beyond The Poles - Tim R. Swartz     

Explore the bizarre world under the Poles! Journey with renown researcher Tim R. Swartz as he attempts to unravel Admiral Richard E Byrd's mysterious journey to find a secret subterranean world! Here is evidence that the great adventurer actually ventured beyond the poles into a rich land inhabited by a race of superbeings as well as possibly refugee scientists and SS members of Hitler's dreaded Nazi regime.
* How the world was formed.
* The existence of the mythological lands of Hyperborea and Ultima Thule.
* The development of the Flying Saucer.
* The mysterious lands and people of the Far North.
* Operation Highjump - Antarctic Attack!
* Did Hitler Escape to Antarctica?
* Britain's Secret War at the Poles.
* Did an Inner World race give the German's UFO technology?

The Hollow Earth - Raymond Bernard

1964 Dr. Bernard says this is the true home of the flying saucers. The epoch-making significance of Adm. Byrd s flight for 1,700 miles into the North Polar opening leading to the hollow interior of the earth, the home of a Super Race who are the Creators of the flying saucers will startle the world. The author claims that this remarkable book proves that there exists on the inside of the earth s crust, which is about 800 miles thick, a New World, and that Admiral Byrds polar expeditions penetrated a total distance of 4,000 miles into this Land Beyond the North and South Poles, where there exist immense openings leading to the subterranean world in the hollow interior of the earth, home of a super race and super civilization.

The Hollow Earth Enigma - Alec MacLellan  

One of the world's great mysteries is: do we live on a hollow earth? In the first detailed investigation of a legendary belief that can be traced back to the dawn of time, the bestselling author of The Lost World of Agharti examines the possibility of an inner world, a hollow Earth which could explain some of the greatest mysteries of our time. Was this hollow Earth inhabited before mankind set foot on the planet's surface? Did the people of Atlantis and Mu take refuge there when catastrophe overtook them? Do UFOs come, not from outer space, from inside our own Earth? Bringing together years of painstaking research, Alec Maclellan looks not only at the persistent historical tradition but at the work of great scientists such as Edmond Halley and Leonhard Euler, infamous figures such as Cotton Mather and Adolf Hitler, and extraordinary researchers, each of who has devised an explanation for the legend. There have been men who claimed to have visited the Hollow Earth and provided eye-witness accounts of their journeys. Most thought-provoking of all is the vast amount of scientific evidence in support of the Hollow Earth concept, including explorers' reports of polar entranceways backed up by remarkable satellite photographs and evidence from unmanned spacecraft that other planets in our solar system may be hollow too. With many rare photographs The Hollow Earth Enigma explains how this extraordinary legend has captivated our imagination and how, despite its dismissal by science, it is scientifically possible.

The Kingdom of Agarttha - Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre

The underground realm of Agarttha was first introduced to the Western world in 1886 by the French esoteric philosopher Alexandre Saint-Yves d’Alveydre with his book Mission de l’Inde, translated here for the first time into English. Saint-Yves’s book maintained that deep below the Himalayas were enormous underground cities, which were under the rule of a sovereign pontiff known as the Brahâtma. Throughout history, the “unknown superiors” cited by secret societies were believed to be emissaries from this realm who had moved underground at the onset of the Kali-Yuga, the Iron Age.
Ruled in accordance with the highest principles, the kingdom of Agarttha, sometimes known as Shambhala, represents a world that is far advanced beyond our modern culture, both technologically and spiritually. The inhabitants possess amazing skills their above ground counterparts have long since forgotten. In addition, Agarttha is home to huge libraries of books engraved in stone, enshrining the collective knowledge of humanity from its remotest origins. Saint-Yves explained that the secret world of Agarttha, and all its wisdom and wealth, would be made available for humanity when Christianity and all other known religions of the world began truly honoring their own sacred teachings.

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