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[Mystery/Thriller] Jack Bowie

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Jack Bowie was born and raised outside of Cleveland, Ohio, then headed to Cambridge, Massachusetts to attend MIT. After graduating, he held technical management positions in public and private sector organizations in Massachusetts, Virginia and Connecticut. During these years, he saw firsthand the successes and failures, friendships and rivalries, and alliances and conflicts that build our high tech life. A lifelong reader of classic science fiction and espionage thrillers, Jack's writing began as a break from professional duties and grew into a passion for storytelling. The Saracen Incident is the first in a series that follows security consultant Adam Braxton into the opportunities and dangers of high-tech. Jack splits his time between homes in New Hampshire and Georgia where he lives with his wife Sharon and two loveable, but very demanding, Shih

Adam Braxton Series

1. The Saracen Incident
2. The Liberty Covenant
3. The Langley Profile
4. The Jason Betrayal

1. The Saracen Incident

From boardrooms to Congress, these hackers have made fortunes and destroyed lives. How do you defeat an enemy that knows your every move?
Ask any security expert about the greatest threat to our interconnected world and they will say it’s not the high-visibility attacks on government and commercial sites, but vulnerabilities in the Internet infrastructure itself: the gateways and routers through which all our information passes.
When cyber-security consultant Adam Braxton is asked by CERT/CC, a federal Internet watchdog organization, to investigate a possible network anomaly, he discovers that the incident’s reporter has been killed, the victim of a terrorist bomb. Suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the death, Braxton decides to continue the investigation on his own.
Aided by a skeptical D.C. cop and a beautiful but mysterious classmate of the victim, Braxton’s search leads from the research laboratories of his previous employer, to the boardroom of a major defense contractor, to the corridors of Congress. He confirms the anomaly and uncovers a conspiracy, formed decades earlier in the classrooms of an elite university, that taps the flow of information on the Internet; a conspiracy that can make fortunes, ruin careers and start wars.
Now targeted by the conspirators, Braxton must go underground to escape the authorities and expose the threat before he becomes its next victim.

2. The Liberty Covenant

They asked for his help to find a terrorist. Why does his government now want to silence him?
America’s militia groups are executing coordinated and increasingly deadly attacks. The threat is real but the vaunted U.S. intelligence community has no idea what is happening. Their best hope to find the answer is Adam Braxton, a cyber-security specialist who also happens to hate the FBI and CIA.
But when Braxton’s ex-wife is murdered, he vows to find those responsible, and forms an alliance-of-convenience with a scheming CIA agent and an attractive coworker from his ex-wife’s secretive high-tech employer. Together they uncover a web of domestic terrorism and political assassination.
As Braxton nears the truth, his investigation puts him in the crosshairs of the intelligence establishment and a psychotic mercenary, both committed to ending his activities, one way or another. Can he stay alive long enough to find who is pulling the strings in this frightening conspiracy?

3. The Langley Profile

A biotech with an explosive secret. An army of child assassins. And cyber-specialist Adam Braxton is running out of time.
There’s a new Middle East Anti-terrorism Accord, but not everyone is happy. The signers are being ingeniously assassinated. By children.
Adam Braxton has built a successful business catering to the information security needs of government agencies. And exposing some of Washington’s darkest secrets along the way. When he is asked by the CIA to perform an audit on a Boston biotechnology company, he sees it as a routine, and profitable, assignment. But then he is framed for the murder of one of the company’s employees. By a child.
Braxton escapes to Europe to clear his name and uncovers a trail of lies and betrayal that leads to an army of child-assassins. Aided by his CIA employer and a beautiful ex-DIA agent, he must discover how the genetic technology of the biotech links to the assassins, and how to stop the murder of the remaining signer of the Accord: his President.

4. The Jason Betrayal

Someone is selling America’s secrets on the dark web. And they’re willing to destroy anyone who gets in their way.
For over fifty years, America's greatest scientists have met in secret to advise the government on issues of national importance. Their recommendations have changed the course of history.
When cyber-consultant Adam Braxton is asked to brief this group, he is flattered, but then learns he has not been asked to inform them, but to help them locate a turncoat. One of their members is selling national secrets to the highest bidder. And his search cannot involve the government.
Enlisting the aid of his new partner, a beautiful ex-DIA agent, and his investigator, a crusty ex-cop, Braxton digs into the history and lives of this clandestine group, unaware the CIA is already following a different path to the traitor.
Both cases lead to a familiar enemy and the investigators are drawn into a deadly game of deception and revenge. Can Braxton find the traitor and stop the leaks before his friends pay the ultimate price?

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