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[Mystery/Thriller] R.E. McDermott Collection

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Post time: 6-12-2018 13:48:47
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Robert E. McDermott grew up on the Gulf Coast. After graduation from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, he worked in positions from ships officer to shipping company management, traveling widely, and living and working in a number of countries. He splits his time between the U.S. and Singapore, where he operates a marine consultancy, advising clients on ship construction and operations.


Tom Dugan

1. Deadly Straits (2011)
2. Deadly Coast (2012)
3. Deadly Crossing (2014)


The Disruption Trilogy Box Set Books 1-3 (omnibus) (2018)

- 1. Under a Tell-Tale Sky (2015)
- 2. Push Back (2016)
- 3. Promises To Keep (2017)

Tom Dugan

1. Deadly Straits (2011)

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) are all around us, hiding in plain sight if you know where to look. When a cabal of international terrorists engineers not one act of terror, but three, part-time 'spook turned CIA scapegoat' Tom Dugan is the only one with a clue.
When pursuing a lead without official authorization earns Dugan a reputation as a loose cannon, that status soon morphs into 'person of interest' and then 'wanted fugitive' when the terrorists successfully implicate him in the first bombing.
Thus begins a non-stop thrill ride, as Dugan races around the globe in a desperate attempt to prevent the next bombings, just one step ahead of his former colleagues.

2. Deadly Coast (2012)

As Tom Dugan and Alex Kairouz, his partner and best friend, struggle to ransom their ship and crew from murderous Somali pirates, things take a turn for the worse. A US Navy contracted tanker with a full load of jet fuel is also hijacked, not by garden variety pirates, but by terrorists with links to Al Qaeda, changing the playing field completely.
With a possible link between piracy and terrorism now in play, the US and British governments order the halt of all negotiations for captive ships, and enraged pirates ratchet up the mistreatment of the captive crews. When one of his crewmen is murdered in front of him on a live video feed, a frustrated Dugan takes matters into his own hands and starts his own rescue operation, only to stumble across something far more sinister - a rogue salvage operation for a long lost weapon of mass destruction. Isolated at sea on an old tanker previously destined for the ship breakers, Dugan and his hastily assembled little force of Russian mercenaries find themselves the last line of defense between the world and a terrifying bio-weapon.

3. Deadly Crossing (2014)

A phone call. A common enough event, sometimes welcome, sometimes annoying, but seldom life changing. Or so we assume. But assumptions are dangerous things, and the reality is we all live one phone call away from disaster. One cheerful ring away from news of a tragic accident. One muted buzz from learning a lifetime of memories have disappeared in a raging house fire.
And so it is for Tom Dugan, rolling though the London night, the woman he loves in the taxi beside him. Life is good by any measure - until his phone rings, alerting him to the arrival of two old Russian friends with a very big problem.
Dugan's attempts to help his friends rescue an innocent girl from the Russian mob plunge him into a world he'd scarcely imagined, endangering him and everyone he holds dear. A world of modern day slavery and unspeakable cruelty, from which no one will escape, unless Dugan can weather a deadly crossing.


The Disruption Trilogy Box Set Books 1-3 (omnibus) (2018)

Under a Tell-Tale Sky (Book 1)

When a massive solar flare fries the power grid, Jordan Hughes is stranded far from home with a now-priceless cargo and a restless crew. As violence worsens ashore and the world crumbles around the secure haven of his ship, the Pecos Trader, Hughes is determined to get his ship and crew safely home -- but FEMA arrives with other plans.
Eluding authorities, Hughes leads a ragtag little band of sailors, preppers, and dissident military personnel on a desperate voyage to reunite them all with home and family - only to find their real journey just beginning.

Push Back (Book 2)

In the U.S., order collapses and opportunistic forces fill the power vacuum, as what remains of an overwhelmed and self-serving federal bureaucracy abandons the general population.
Chaos and starvation spread, as isolated pockets of survivors unite. In Texas, Hughes and his band gather their families close and resist the depredations of a horde of escaped convicts. Meanwhile, in North Carolina, survivors' efforts to salvage a vast store of supplies and feed the starving refugee population draw unwelcome attention. Secure in his Camp David compound, an increasingly unstable president builds a mercenary force to seize all resources for 'government use and fair distribution.'
Betrayed by their own government, survivors face a choice. Do they knuckle under to a dictator, or do they PUSH BACK?

Promises To Keep (Book 3)

Weakened by attacks, the defenders of Fort Box in what's left of Wilmington, North Carolina, and the people of the ship Pecos Trader in southeast Texas face near certain defeat.
Only one man has the credibility and the stature to turn the situation around and fulfill a promise to himself - and the nation. Simon Tremble, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the last surviving lawmaker not under control of the corrupt president, climbs out of his hidden hollow and starts south along the Appalachian Trail.

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