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Hi Craxers,


This week we will face a challenge of sharing the best self written short horror stories.


Challenge Starts Sunday, May 24 and ends Saturday, May 30


Participate now and get a chance to win the 'Storyteller' Medal & Karma.


Click below for details.

A week of Short Horror Story challenge


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Rhett_Bassard: Hope you enjoy the pic of Jhumpa Lahiri  
8-10-2017 10:55 PM Reply|
Rhett_Bassard: Fermenting some cucumbers for 48 hrs...half-sours.
6-10-2017 09:05 PM Reply|
Rhett_Bassard: Loved "The Dark Tower" movie slightly less than the Stephen King series of books. I trust there will be a sequel movie(s).
  • nishant: An appealing attempt at a movie. nothing works. it feels stilted and just super unbelievable characters! (10-7 13:49)
  • Rhett_Bassard: I torrented a TS copy. I may re-visit when the HD copies come out. Maybe it will better grab me, tho Matthew McConaughey seems better suited for sarcastic/ironic roles. (10-7 23:19)
5-10-2017 10:10 PM Reply|
Rhett_Bassard: Breakfast: mango smoothie w/ fresh ginger, flax & chia seed
5-10-2017 12:17 AM Reply|
Rhett_Bassard: After 2000 mile drive to Florida & back, I'm changing oil in car, topping other fluids, etc.
4-10-2017 02:05 AM Reply|
Rhett_Bassard: Yawning...stayed up too late posting books & watching "War for the Planet of the Apes"
2-10-2017 10:10 PM Reply|
Rhett_Bassard: Made a healthy breakfast of egg, potato & onion/garlic. And fresh coffee considering I was up until 4am.
1-10-2017 12:05 AM Reply|
Rhett_Bassard: Watching "Wind River". Jeremy Renner is being very manly as a Native American tracker with the US Fish & Wildlife Service, investigating animal attacks. Opening soundtrack is captivating. IMDB 8/10. ...
30-9-2017 08:40 AM Reply|
Rhett_Bassard: Testing a replacement Arris CM820A cable modem from eBay (US$13).
29-9-2017 09:28 PM Reply|
Rhett_Bassard: Delivering wildflower seeds to local bakery.
27-9-2017 08:51 PM Reply|
Rhett_Bassard: Back from Florida where I was repairing Mom's house. I have Hurricane Irma pix & will try to put them in Blog function or Album.
27-9-2017 08:07 AM Reply|
pgangwani35: sad
  • somi: why so sad brother (9-23 22:17)
20-9-2017 02:47 PM Reply|
allinrana:   Raining ... #Office Off but worst Day...    Complete Day #Craxme
14-9-2017 11:16 AM Reply|
Rhett_Bassard: Preparing to drive 1000mi to Florida to repair mother's house  
  • nishant: Good luck bro (9-15 16:57)
  • Rhett_Bassard: Thnx, just arrived after 2 day drive. Will upload some pix tomorrow. (9-16 11:09)
14-9-2017 12:02 AM Reply|
Rhett_Bassard: Getting wet: remnant of Hurricane Irma is sitting on top of Arkansas & Louisiana all day  
12-9-2017 10:34 PM Reply|
Rhett_Bassard: Chillin' on a Sunday afternoon. Going for a ride shortly  
11-9-2017 12:51 AM Reply|
84 Reg: Calm & Composed :-)
7-9-2017 08:48 PM Reply|

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