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Hi Craxers,


This week we will face a challenge of sharing the best self written short horror stories.


Challenge Starts Sunday, May 24 and ends Saturday, May 30


Participate now and get a chance to win the 'Storyteller' Medal & Karma.


Click below for details.

A week of Short Horror Story challenge


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siddhuvns: currently reading Ace Atkin's The Broken Places. Fascinating reading
4-7-2018 06:19 PM Reply|
hayes: Embedded system related work
3-7-2018 04:32 PM Reply|
2-7-2018 11:18 AM Reply|
2-7-2018 11:15 AM Reply|
2-7-2018 11:09 AM Reply|
2-7-2018 11:05 AM Reply|
2-7-2018 11:05 AM Reply|
Chinasa: A situation in itself, is neither happy nor unhappy. it's Only your response to that causes you sorrow.
1-7-2018 10:44 AM Reply|
Chinasa: trying to catch up with Craxme  
30-6-2018 06:45 PM Reply|
allinrana: I am Back  
21-6-2018 12:18 AM Reply|
aho105: Meeting going on....
14-6-2018 04:11 PM Reply|
8-6-2018 08:55 PM Reply|
Sankho: I have been a long time user of uc forum. I was sad   when I found that it has been closed . Since then I have been searching for similar forum. Then I found this forum... thanks for this
8-6-2018 09:48 AM Reply|
Sankho: Feeling bored ... having summer holidays
8-6-2018 09:31 AM Reply|
Panzie: Marking Mid term papers
3-6-2018 09:35 PM Reply|
clive48: WIlling to help as usual
1-6-2018 08:48 AM Reply|
edenv: feeling good
1-6-2018 03:59 AM Reply|
pgalmora: :)
29-5-2018 05:16 PM Reply|
me_martian: Had planned to read 50 books this year. 10 books so far, a lot behind for sure, but trying to make it there!
29-5-2018 11:49 AM Reply|
mirzolino: watching tv, champions league final.
27-5-2018 04:10 AM Reply|

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