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Hi Craxers,


This week we will face a challenge of sharing the best self written short horror stories.


Challenge Starts Sunday, May 24 and ends Saturday, May 30


Participate now and get a chance to win the 'Storyteller' Medal & Karma.


Click below for details.

A week of Short Horror Story challenge


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ssangra: Trying desperately to get access to read books and download a few for offline reading on the forum...also trying to fig out how to upload some....any help welcome.
8-10-2018 01:07 PM Reply|
indianpercy7: Working & Chilling
2-10-2018 03:34 PM Reply|
mahima2701: Watching movie ratatouille. Excellent
30-9-2018 03:00 PM Reply|
mahima2701: Watching asia cup final
29-9-2018 12:16 AM Reply|
gary123!: out job hunting[em:6    :]
26-9-2018 09:58 PM Reply|
skreader: Reading............
19-9-2018 01:44 PM Reply|
lotusshah: Planning to move to soon to Goa....
18-9-2018 03:02 PM Reply|
NikitaShetty154: https://x1337x.ws/search/Stree/2/
12-9-2018 05:52 PM Reply|
NikitaShetty154: Hi
12-9-2018 05:29 PM Reply|
Thea_ell: Soo tired from promo sales shopping
  • Ananya10: Hahahahaaa...tell me all about it.. (9-7 19:46)
1-9-2018 03:28 PM Reply|
Thea_ell: But its not there
1-9-2018 06:44 AM Reply|
Thea_ell: Where can i view my hours?
  • Ananya10: You can see it right below your avtar (8-31 18:57)
31-8-2018 11:46 AM Reply|
Thea_ell: Thank you
31-8-2018 08:43 AM Reply|
Thea_ell: I cant upload pictures why? Im using phone please helllllppppp
30-8-2018 07:23 PM Reply|
Thea_ell: Mom: baby, your good in math. Now I'm going to ask you a question. Baby: sure mom Mom: if your daddy gives you 3 apples and I give you 4 apples, what's your answer? Baby: thank you po!!!
30-8-2018 07:03 PM Reply|
Thea_ell:   im trying to download something but i cant! Help
30-8-2018 09:35 AM Reply|
amsxn: Surfing craxme forum....
29-8-2018 11:15 PM Reply|
srameshdking: Hav lot of books. Waitin 2 upload
28-8-2018 08:57 PM Reply|
arjuns1988: Every time I learn something new, it makes me wonder how much is still left & how big this world is! ~anonymous
23-8-2018 08:21 PM Reply|
ebookreader: back
22-8-2018 05:11 AM Reply|

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