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ajayjohri: Paper. Kindle. Phone. PC. Reading everywhere is fun!
7 day(s) ago Reply|
ajayjohri: Reading Ice Station Zebra Also finishing The Monk who sold his Ferrari Reading on Kindle and on Calibre on PC. plus good old paper as well
7 day(s) ago Reply|
asr335704: Now it's time for a nice warm meal. Going for it to a nice restaurant with friends.  
10-7-2019 08:46 PM Reply|
vibs123i: You can update your doing, let your friends know what you are doing ...
12-6-2019 09:52 PM Reply|
vibs123i: You can update your doing, let your friends know what you are doing ...
17-5-2019 08:18 PM Reply|
Rhett Bassard: Drove almost 800 miles today (and 300 yesterday) to visit my Mom for her 89th b-day.
15-5-2019 10:06 AM Reply|
12-5-2019 04:47 PM Reply|
starstuff: Reading a book on the Second World War...
10-5-2019 09:14 PM Reply|
nlrnmk66: Right now stationed at jaipur. Visited tourist spots like hawa mahal, JAL mahal, forts etc.
5-5-2019 01:18 PM Reply|
t-golu: New to hindi fiction books. This is excellent site
28-3-2019 08:00 PM Reply|
betty619: Just finished reading That kiss in the rain
2-2-2019 12:58 AM Reply|
bhagee22: Just waiting and watching when my online hours will increase so that I can use the Reading Room
22-1-2019 01:13 PM Reply|
Sayan: Completed "Sita_Warrior of Mithila" after "Scion of IKSHVAKU". Amazed by its logical detailing. Great work..
12-1-2019 04:56 PM Reply|
Shaileah: Looking for new book to read  
5-1-2019 05:27 AM Reply|
Sayan: Reading Scion of Ikshvaku by Amish Tripathi.. What a great way of describing Philosophy.. Really awesome..
3-1-2019 02:41 PM Reply|
suunil31: Hurray!!! Now I am in "Readers" Group.
3-1-2019 09:46 AM Reply|
AbhilashaJ: Reading the book Flase Impression by Jeffery Archer . Just finished his last one -heads you win which was unputdownable
1-1-2019 08:42 PM Reply|
Sayan: Please help me to join reader's book club. I can not access any books here.
31-12-2018 01:32 AM Reply|
vikash123vt: Reading Vardan by premchand. Got it from the Readers Room.  
30-12-2018 10:49 PM Reply|
Shaileah: Hiii
29-12-2018 01:16 AM Reply|

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