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Share Power of reading.
Shaileah 5-1-2019 05:24 AM
No matter what u read..fiction, science, history, romance or political book, you learn something new with reading each new book.divSo keep reading n keep learning. :)/div
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Share Book Review- The Twwentieth wife
AbhilashaJ 1-1-2019 08:49 PM
Blurb: Mehrunnisa - the Sun of Women - one of India's most legendary and controversial empresses... a woman who overcame insurmountable obstacles through sheer brilliance and determination ... whose love shaped the course of the Mughal Empire. She is the twentieth wife.The daughter of re ...
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Share Book Review -Feast of Roses
AbhilashaJ 1-1-2019 08:44 PM
Blurb : The love story of Emperor Jahangir and Mehrunnisa, begun in the critically praised debut novel The Twentieth Wife, continues in Indu Sundaresan's lush second novel, The Feast of Roses. Here, Mehrunnisa comes into Jahangir's harem as his twentieth and last wife. This ...
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hades 23-11-2018 11:50 AM
After registering on this site, I realized that I would have to be online and post continuously in order to upgrade my status. As the sole purpose of joining this site was to access and upload ebooks, and share with others information, I've realized that it would take me months before I could acces ...
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Share Review/ Animal Farm - George Orwell
kaustubhkirti 31-10-2018 09:50 PM
Orwell has come to associated with political satire and with this book he puts the bullet right through the mark. Commenting how revolutionaries become both child and father of the next revolution this book is all about that. It is a story of a rebellion in an Animal Farm where animals take ...
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Share Time to talk: on Centre-RBI differences
dsdeepak17 30-10-2018 05:46 PM
The Centre-RBI face-off is not healthy. They must resolve their differences in private The simmering tensions over the last few months between the Reserve Bank of India and the Centre found spectacular release over the weekend through a public speech by Deputy Governor Viral Acharya. “ ...
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Share My favorite novel series
Sankho 8-10-2018 12:54 AM
Please say a few words about your favorite novel series
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Share The Rupee Problem
dsdeepak17 19-9-2018 11:30 AM
Ad hoc steps to check the currency’s decline must not deflect from the deeper problems The rupee, which is currently the worst-performing currency in Asia, is finally receiving some help from the authorities. The Union government, after a meeting with Reserve Bank of India Governor Urj ...
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Share The origins of Islam and its traditions - a debate (Phd. research)
randhirkalha 5-9-2018 05:14 PM
Please note: THIS IS PURELY A DEBATE I WISH TO BEGIN AND IT IS NOT A RELIGIOUS STUDY BUT A STUDY INTO A RELIGION AND ITS ORIGINS. NO ILL IS MEANT TOWARDS THE RELIGION OR ITS FOLLOWERS. Not unlike many other much more influential and deeply more educated and researched scholars, I took it u ...
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Share Please Help
Thea_ell 30-8-2018 09:34 AM
Hi everyone! Im new here and i dont know how to earna thing and i donk know how to download a book please help me!
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