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CraxMe Readers Book Club

All book club members are requested to kindly move on to the new Readers Club section. This group will complete its closing process in two weeks. The group will be locked, but not deleted. After the closure, you would still be able to access all its content.


WARNING: Members who continue to post here, deliberately ignoring the indications will be banned from the group.


Welcome to the CraxMe Readers Book Club group.

This is an informal group for like minded people, where you can discuss books, share and recommend, track your reading progress, and lots more.

Discuss Books: All about books. Discuss a particular book or genre, share your favourite quotes.

Book Reviews: Loved a book, and highly recommend it? Or was it just average? Share your review and discuss with fellow readers. Warning: May contain spoilers

Group Reads: What is a book club without a Group Read!

Buddy reads: Planning to read a book and looking for someone to read it with. Post your nomination in the Buddy Read request thread. Find a reading buddy, create a Buddy Read thread and start discussing.
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