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[Share] Venezuela 'foils national guard rebellion' against Maduro. agree New Pedro_P 12 hour(s) ago 310 Pedro_P 6 min. ago
[Share] 14 things you should never flush down the toilet. Remember the four Ps. New Pedro_P 11 hour(s) ago 217 Srinivas1939 6 hour(s) ago
[Share] US teenagers taunting Native American draws fire. New Pedro_P Yesterday 11:59 AM 113 Srinivas1939 9 hour(s) ago
[Share] What's the Science Behind This Weekend's Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse? New Pedro_P 11 hour(s) ago 05 Pedro_P 11 hour(s) ago
[Share] Magic of big screen returns to Kashmir after Islamist ban. New Pedro_P 12 hour(s) ago 05 Pedro_P 12 hour(s) ago
[Share] One-quarter of antibiotic prescriptions aren’t necessary. And that's a conservative estimate. New Pedro_P 3 day(s) ago 010 Pedro_P 3 day(s) ago
[Share] 25,000 Years Later, Javelin Is Still Embedded in Mammoth's Rib. New Pedro_P 3 day(s) ago 013 Pedro_P 3 day(s) ago
[Share] Great white shark photo: I swam with 'world's biggest'. New Pedro_P 3 day(s) ago 09 Pedro_P 3 day(s) ago
[Share] Hardeep Pandhal: the rapping artist who works with his mum. New Pedro_P 3 day(s) ago 07 Pedro_P 3 day(s) ago
[Help] Picture Password attach_img New rahuldev 4 day(s) ago 021 rahuldev 4 day(s) ago
[Share] Sloths aren't the picky eaters we thought they were. When their favorite food isn't available, they will try something else. New Pedro_P 4 day(s) ago 07 Pedro_P 4 day(s) ago
[Share] Eating Red Meat Is Wreaking Havoc on Earth. So, Stop It! New Pedro_P 4 day(s) ago 02 Pedro_P 4 day(s) ago
[Share] Indian sisters pretend to be boys to keep barbershop afloat. New Pedro_P 4 day(s) ago 014 Pedro_P 4 day(s) ago
[Share] Bogotá blast: Deadly car bomb rocks Colombia capital. New Pedro_P 4 day(s) ago 06 Pedro_P 4 day(s) ago
[Share] Why Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj is festival to end all festivals. New Pedro_P 6 day(s) ago 323 mahima2701 5 day(s) ago
[Share] Electricity Basics: Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance. New Pedro_P 5 day(s) ago 06 Pedro_P 5 day(s) ago
[Share] Here's a look at Harley-Davidson's LiveWire electric motorcycle. New Pedro_P 5 day(s) ago 011 Pedro_P 5 day(s) ago
[Share] Rio artists stage show on street in protest against censorship. New Pedro_P 5 day(s) ago 06 Pedro_P 5 day(s) ago
[Share] India women: First female climbs sacred mountain. New Pedro_P 5 day(s) ago 010 Pedro_P 5 day(s) ago
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